Autism and ADHD Resources

We’ve compiled a list of useful Autism and ADHD resources to help you pre and post diagnosis.

Perfectly Autistic

We are delighted to have partnered with Perfectly Autistic, who offer autism and ADHD support sessions, for people and parents who have been through the autism / ADHD diagnosis process, but need guidance post-diagnosis. Hester and Kelly Grainger bring a particularly valuable expertise to post-diagnostic support, as they themselves are neurodivergent, as are their two children. They have lived experience of the diagnostic process and the journey beyond.

Hester has written about Autism and Neurodiversity for a host of international titles including the Huffington Post, Readers Digest and more. She is also a regular on BBC Radio. Hester can offer support sessions around:

  • What to do next – you’ve been handed the diagnosis report but what now?
  • Education including applying for EHCPs
  • Home Schooling
  • Sensory processing issues
  • Eating and sleeping problems
  • Behaviour – everything from masking to meltdowns
  • Coping as a parent or partner

Kelly is an international speaker who offers neurodiversity at work awareness webinars to whole organisations, for employees at all levels. As well as bespoke neurodiversity at work awareness training sessions, Perfectly Autistic offer 1:1 autism training and neurodiversity coaching with individuals. Whether they want to discuss strategies and coping mechanisms or just want to talk to another neurodivergent adult that understands them and the challenges they face.

Conscious Clarity

We are delighted to have partnered with Conscious Clarity, a Coaching, Education & Training business for children from the age of 14+ and adults of all backgrounds.

Based in Windsor but delivering virtually to clients across the country, the Coaching on offer includes traditional and neurodiversity-specific principles and techniques to help you reach your goals and reach your potential.

Are you looking to…

  • Make sense of what an ADHD or autism diagnosis means for you?
  • Better understand yourself and your strengths?
  • Develop your own tools to help in daily life at home, school or work?
  • Gain confidence?
  • Reach your goals?

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What our clients think

Our sincere thanks to the team. It was the suspected outcome, it’s nice to have it confirmed so we can now get the appropriate support for our 12 year old