Why choose Berkshire Psychology?

Berkshire Psychology was launched by Dr Jenny Murray in 2012 and has grown considerably since then.

We are all clinicians who have worked or currently work in NHS child and adolescent and adult services. We understand the frustrations and stress associated with waiting times and access to services. We are also aware that private assessments can be expensive, but need to follow certain processes and guidelines to ensure they are widely accepted and allow access to much needed support.

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Why Us?

  • We follow the same process as our local CAMHS services, ensuring a multi-disciplinary assessment that follows the NICE guidelines (National Institute for Clinical Excellence).
  • We use gold standard screening and assessment tools, such as the ADOS – 2.
  • Our assessors are all trained, experienced and regulated by a professional body.
  • We understand the many ways autism can present, including in females, as well as those with additional needs.
  • Some of our team are neurodivergent and have experience of parenting children with neurodevelopmental conditions.

What our clients think

Thank you for all your time and hard work, this has been such an easy process